U.S. Congressman Jason Smith visits Glenallen a second time

GLENALLEN, Mo. (KBSI) – U.S. Congressman Jason Smith spoke with community leaders and citizens about their village and the toll it’s taking to repair it, saying, “I mean two natural disasters in just a couple months.”

U.S. Congressman Jason Smith toured the small village in Bollinger County.

Federal agencies came to speak about answers they may have about Glenallen’s problems.

“We don’t have all the complete answers, but they said by Friday we should,” said Smith.

One of the biggest issues discussed is the creek, and plans to fix it.

Leonard Foster previously spoke about Gimlet Creek and how it breached on August 14th, saying, “Just the sheer force of the levee, I mean it wasn’t a true levee I believe is what technically they would call it, it’s just mainly creek gravel.”
Representative Smith visited the area where the large creek gravel pile was pushed away and into a nearby field.
“It’s never really been a levee that’s what the big problem is, and we saw how the non-levee definitely didn’t hold the water,” said Rep. Smith. “There’s also programs that they discussed today with us, about cleaning out the creek, and helping restore, some of the, the gravel.”
Smith emphasized that federal agencies and community leaders are all trying to come up with solutions, adding that he’s going to continue to fight for Glenallen and work to bring them solutions.

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