Marion Water Crisis: Water pipeline burst

MARION, Ky. (KBSI) – The city of Marion is still holding in there.  

Emergency management crews have worked tirelessly to make sure everyone has bottled water, with the boil water order still ongoing.


“Last week we did have a main break down on Sturgis Road,” said Danielle Duncan, Planning and Zoning Coordinator. “It was caught pretty quick and it was fixed within a couple hours.”


A few water leaks were identified and repaired.

“Over the weekend we got about 1.5 inches. What it looks like right about now is Old City Lake rose about an inch,” Duncan said. “We’re expecting that to get higher as the day goes and the water keeps flowing through.”


Along with that, the Crittenden-Livingston Water District is able to help supply the city with nearly 130 gallons of water per minute.


Residents are still asked to take part in their efforts of conserving water.

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