Several engineering companies working to help fix Marion, KY water woes

MARION, Ky. (KBSI) – Several engineering companies are working to help fix Marion’s water woes.

BFW Engineering completed another round of sampling and testing at Lake George. The city anticipates a proposal to cap or repair the city water pumping infrastructure can be presented to the Division of Water within the next two weeks.

Bell Engineering completed the design work for an interconnection linking the Caldwell Water District and Critt-Liv Water District. This proposal would offer water from the south and lead to a more robust regional supply system.

Strand Engineering completed the preliminary design work for an interconnection line from Sturgis to the Critt-Liv Water District. A list of materials was submitted to the Finance Cabinet for consideration which could have this project break ground in a matter of weeks.

Kentucky Rural Water Association along with Reveal Underground Services continue to detect leaks and conduct water line repairs around the city. The city is now showing less than a 15% water loss due to leaks.

Critt-Liv has been unable to provide water to the city due to a leak in their system. It is anticipated they will be back up at a reduced level today.

The city decided to do further testing of Lucile Mine before making a final decision on exploring the water as a long-term option.

Due to 2.4 inches of rain reported at the watershed reported by Tuesday morning, the city has been able to initiate several steps that will benefit water customers:

  • The Division of Water and the City are preparing to conduct a limited flush in an effort to move the city off a boil advisory.
  • Hauling by both contractors to City Lake has been suspended as lake levels are sufficient to allow the Marion Water Plant to operate at this time. Hauling Operations will resume as needed.

Citizens and businesses are asked to continue taking steps to conserve water for essential purposes (drinking, hygiene, required business use). Any potential water leak should be reported to the city as soon as possible. If it is after hours, contact 911 dispatch.

The Extension Office and Public Library are working on programs to assist local businesses and residents with additional alternatives to reduce water consumption.

Bottled Water Distribution for city residents will continue for the foreseeable future. The schedule can be found on the city’s Facebook page.

The city approved surplus action on an older police cruiser to allow it to be offered to a community in eastern Kentucky that lost their police vehicles to recent flooding. The Marion City Council noted that many communities across the Commonwealth have provided Marion with assistance.

All updates from the City of Marion will be shared at Marion City Council Meetings and posted to the Marion, KY City Hall Facebook page.

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