Water woes ease in Marion, KY

MARION, Ky. (KBSI) – The water crisis for Marion, Kentucky may soon be coming to an end.

It all started several months ago after a levee broke at Lake George during some reconstruction work.

Since then, the city has been struggling to get water for its residents.

The National Guard helped with water distribution for a time, but has since left that work to third party entities.

The main goal was to make it to the end of summer. Now city officials are looking ahead.

Danielle Duncan, city planning and zoning coordinator says she has high hopes.

“We’re full at City Lake, and we’re hoping that soon our water advisory will be lifted and then at that point the water distribution and everything will come to a close,” Duncan said.

Along with the water crisis, several pipes in the city burst and workers discovered that other pipes had cracks in them.

As a result, a boil water advisory was issued.

Duncan says that might change soon.

“I know that we are running tests and everything right now to see if we can officially lift that boil water advisory,” she said.

Additionally, recent rainfall has helped refill City Lake to a point where it is nearly full once again.

That has city leaders even more hopeful residents will be able to use water regularly again in the near future.

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